Business Card Videos

Let video work for you 24/7 on your website and social media by having one that communicates the meaning behind your brand and

your business.

Basic package includes an interview with you, music, basic graphics and testimonials if on-site.

Starting at $1,997

Social Media Videos


Don't know how to edit videos or don't have the time?

We'll come out for an hour a week to film and

edit them.

1hr /week - $997/month

1hr / 2 weeks / $497/month



Start a Video & Audio Podcast to broadcast your brand and your message.

Get a video version and a separate audio only version for easy uploading to social media and podcasting platforms.

1hr /week - $997/month

1hr / 2 weeks / $497/month



LIVE Stream your event on Facebook or YouTube to interact in real time with

your audience.

2hr Stream - $697

Graphics + $99

Testimonials +$149

8hr Stream (All Day) - $1,997

Event Coverage

2hr Event - $697

Testimonials +$149

8hr Event (All Day) - $1,497

Event Recap

& Testimonials

A recap video of your event that includes an interview with you, music, basic graphics, testimonials and highlights from the event.

Great for marketing and proving the impact you have.